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Family Details
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Generation Nuber Generation No 8
Family -Member
79. FREDERICK8 BEES (MARY ANN7 SHORT, GEORGE6, ANNE5 FAUX, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, HUSBAND2, HUSBAND1) was born 1875 in Keynsham, Som, Eng, and died 19 January 1948 in Keynsham, Som, Eng. 
He married CAROLINE ROSINA MITCHELL 1896 in Bristol, Eng. She was born 1875 in Gloucester, Gls, Eng, and died 29 August 1946 in Keynsham, Som, Eng. 

Census Details
Census Location Family
1881  Dwelling Borough Walls
Census Place Keynsham, Somerset, England  
Charles BEES Head M Male 42 Keynsham, Somerset, England Mason
Mary A. BEES Wife M Female 41 Keynsham, Somerset, England
Thomas BEES Son U Male 16 Keynsham, Somerset, England Masons Laborer
Alice BEES Daur Female 12 Keynsham, Somerset, England Scholar
George BEES Daur Female 10 Keynsham, Somerset, England Scholar
Frederick BEES Son Male 8 Keynsham, Somerset, England Scholar
Edith BEES Daur Female 2 Keynsham, Somerset, England   

More Photos & Notes
106. i. LUTHER FREDERICK9 BEES, b. 19 April 1897, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 30 September 1969, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
ii. GLADYS DEBORAH BEES, b. 1899, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 20 November 1930, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
107. iii. GEORGE JAMES MITCHELL BEES, b. 1901, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 25 March 1961, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
iv. EDGAR ROY BEES, b. 1904, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 22 September 1918, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
108. v. JOHN DANIEL BEES, b. 14 April 1906, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 1979, Bath, Som, Eng.
109. vi. MARY MONICA CAROLINE ANNIE BEES, b. 10 May 1921, Bristol, Eng; d. 1987, Bath, Som, Eng.