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Generation Nuber Generation No 6
Family -Member
26. JANE6 FAUX (WILLIAM5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, HUSBAND2, HUSBAND1) was born 1797 in Keynsham, Som, Eng, and died 4 December 1874 in Folly Lane, Clifton, Bristol, Eng.  
She married JONATHAN FRAY 4 December 1819 in Temple Church, Bristol, Eng. He was born 1799 in Keynsham, Som, Eng, and died 1865 in Keynsham, Som, Eng. 

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Children of JANE FAUX and JONATHAN FRAY are:
43. i. CHARLES7 FRAY, b. 1820, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 27 October 1907, Handsworth, Sal.
ii. GEORGE FRAY, b. 1823, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 1832, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
iii. HENRY FRAY, b. 1824, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 28 July 1900, Keynsham, Som, Eng; m. HARRIET REED; b. 1827, Bristol, Eng; d. 1907, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
iv. SARAH FRAY, b. 1828, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 1830, Keynsham, Som, Eng.
44. v. JOHN FRAY, b. 1831, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 1917, Cardiff, Gla, Wales.
vi. GEORGE FRAY, b. 31 January 1833, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 1892, West Bromwich, Sts, Eng; m. HARRIET TURNER; b. 1830, Exeter, Dev, Eng; d. 1904, West Bromwich, Sts, Eng.
vii. ANN FRAY, b. 1835; d. Aft. 1842.
viii. DAVID FRAY, b. 1839, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. Aft. 1851.
ix. SIDNEY FRAY, b. 1843, Keynsham, Som, Eng; d. 1844, Keynsham, Som, Eng.